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Weathered 2006-09-13

Made some changes to the blog. Any thoughts? yay..nay?

A big thank you to Mauricio for helping with the template.

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  • wow!

    Very good black and white conversion. And I like th esite layout
    Blanche @ Sep-13-2006
  • excellent portrait
    Mauricio Matos @ Sep-13-2006
  • this is one hell of a portrait with some great DOF. the eyes seem worth a thousand stories. Cool shot!
    flawijn @ Sep-14-2006
  • it works here ;)
    Mauricio Matos @ Sep-14-2006
  • awesome portrait!
    Justin @ Sep-16-2006
  • Wow. Really beautiful tones and expression along with the soft focused background.
    Diane - Daily Walks @ Sep-21-2006
  • Quite expressive.
    Evi @ Mar-24-2007

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