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Sunset Yoga 2006-09-10

Captured a little over 2 years ago. Here is the post-script I wrote on the image shortly after capture:

'Today, a friend and I went on a 40 minute drive on the Sea to Sky highway towards Whistler, BC, just for the sake of the drive. However, our fun was cut short when a car lost its tire in front of us. We pulled over to inspect damage and help the occupants of the car. When all was well, and the situation was diffused, my friend and I realized the beauty of the surrounding landscape. We parked the car to the side of the road, and began the 30 minute downhill hike to the ocean. Then we came upon this beautiful serene setting. The first thing that came to my mind was this shot, and I quickly asked her to get into her zen/yoga position. Unfortunately the sky wasn't as appealing as I'd hoped (and we didnt have time to stick around for sunset) so I stuck on the tobaco graduated filter, metered for the sun, and took about 20 shots. Post processing included levels, saturation, crop, resize, and USM.'

Comments (4)

  • Simplicity, beauty, peacefulness. I feel full.
    Daniel Seguin @ Sep-10-2006
  • The place to be! And this is the right time for sure. Beautiful light. I'm sure she's enjoying herself
    Mauricio Matos @ Sep-10-2006
  • I find your photography simply breathtaking, would love to travel the world as you clearly have. Beautiful.
    Kyle @ Sep-11-2006
  • Wow! This is incredible. Simple and peaceful. I like it!
    Ian @ Sep-16-2006

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