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Buggin around 2006-09-04

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  • You should have a caption competition for this shot - What is the cow thinking about? Really love the image Mal
    Mal @ Sep-04-2006
  • hahaha what a great shot. The Cow's expression is priceless.
    Kathleen @ Sep-04-2006
  • Very well done, excellent scene!
    Fokke @ Sep-04-2006
  • Funny! So thoughtful.

    Giovanni B. @ Sep-05-2006
  • Great catch of this perfect expression!! Awesome shot!
    micki @ Sep-05-2006
  • Interesting framing. I like the composition.
    Davoos @ Sep-05-2006
  • great shot, the framing is really nice. well done
    manuel @ Sep-06-2006
  • This is really funny and really good. I just had to laugh out loud, as I saw it.
    Peter @ Sep-10-2006
  • awesome blue-tones and expression of the cow! cool!!
    flawijn @ Sep-13-2006

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