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Mute 2006-09-03

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  • That is such a stunning photo. The composition and colours are beautiful. Well done.
    Boback @ Sep-03-2006
  • I love the simplicity and elegance of this shot.
    John Zeweniuk @ Sep-04-2006
  • Simple and beautifully done. Cheers!
    Noor Hazmee @ Sep-04-2006
  • Lovely!

    So peaceful and simple!
    Kathleen @ Sep-04-2006
  • Wow! This composition, in my mind is perfect!
    Ian @ Sep-07-2006
  • Simplicity at its best. Beautiful picture.
    Mauricio Matos @ Sep-07-2006
  • Beautiful photo. For me the composition and simplicity is breathtaking. Even the shape of the clouds perfectly fit this photo.

    Nice one : )
    Constantin @ Sep-08-2006
  • Very cool.
    Brian @ Sep-08-2006

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