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En masse 2006-08-29

It's been eleven days, and I'm almost in tears as a consequence of trying to resolve my web hosting issues. The hosting company rarely responds to my inquiries, and when they do, they only send contradictions that don't correspond to the original contract, nor to their own commitments.

Anyway, it seems the site is operational enough for me to post a few images of my recent field trip to Brighton, UK. Brighton is about an hour drive from London, and is considered as one of the largest and most famous seaside resorts in the country. Home to several universities and English language schools, at night the streets get packed with young party-goers drunk on liquor and the ocean breeze. I thoroughly enjoyed walking up and down the beach, looking for interesting symbols that connote Brighton. More pictures to come in the next few days...

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  • Great! This works really well in black & white..
    Ian @ Sep-01-2006
  • Love it. Very nice and smooth.
    Kate @ Sep-12-2006
  • Chairs for me and wife for a rest time, wonderful!

    Dr.Ozdi @ Feb-16-2009

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