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Scotty 2006-08-25

After five days in hiatus, the site is finally up and running. After reaching my bandwidth limit, it didn't matter how many emails I sent, how much money I threw at them, or how much I begged and pleaded, my hosting company took its sweeeeeeet asssssss time to reactivate my account.
Anyway, what's important is that everything is back to normal. Granted Murphy and his stupid laws don't interfere again.

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  • thank God you came back i missed your site a lot
    maji @ Aug-25-2006
  • These colours are great!
    Wolfgang @ Aug-26-2006
  • I like it. Is it selected desaturation?
    Collin @ Aug-26-2006
  • realmente hermosas las fotos.. te pido permiso para poner un link de tu pagina a mi blog, saludos desde Chiapas, México.
    JORGE GRAJALES @ Aug-27-2006
  • Jorge, usted tiene mi permiso. Gracias.

    usted tiene cuadros hermosos en su blog también!

    Thank you Wolfgang, Maji. Collin, yes it is.

    Salar @ Aug-27-2006
  • Brilliant. Simplicity works here.
    Pjak @ Aug-27-2006
  • I love how the monotany is broken up by yhr lightpost....great shot!
    chantal @ Aug-28-2006
  • i was away for a few weeks, but when i visited ur site again, i was really amazed again at how much of a variety of photos you post here, from landscape to architectures, to street photos, to portraits and macro shots of insects.

    i don't think most people have even close to as much of a variety as you do, and still almost all of these are very very very well done.

    you are so good at this, its really a joy to read this.
    laurence pak @ Aug-28-2006
  • Wow, thank you Lawrence. I really appreciate the kind comments. I make an active attempt to continually recreate myself through photography.

    On an unrelated note, I actually have a ton of more pictures to post since I went to the British Coast yesterday, but my bloody hosting company is screwing me around again, and have restricted my webspace to the point that I can't upload a single file!

    Hopefully that'll get resolved shortly, and I'll continue the daily postage.

    Salar @ Aug-28-2006

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