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Nectar pattern 2006-08-19

My second macro shot of the week, putting to display yet another interesting facet of evolutionary design, and crediting the theory of natural selection. The species of this flower survives on attracting insects/birds through its scent and beauty, and guiding them to its pollen through its nectar patterns (red lines).

PS: Thanks again for all your votes and bookmarks. In the Photoblogs.org listing I was in the top five (out of 18,000!) for over a week, but now it seems I'm at number one! However this is taking a heavy toll on the bandwidth. Yesterday the site was down for a few hours while I was trying to upgrade my hosting package. If this exponential growth continues, inevitably I'll run out of bandwidth again, and the site will go offline for a few days while I transfer to a new hosting company.

Comments (7)

  • beatuiful color and forms in this shot... the yellow and white sets it off... nice
    John Zeweniuk @ Aug-20-2006
  • I love seeing the connection between, beauty, math and nature.
    gordon Boddington @ Aug-20-2006
  • Nice macro. Great droplets.
    Andrew @ Aug-20-2006
  • absolutely gorgeous!
    chantal @ Aug-21-2006
  • Very nice.. Love the detail and the depth of field.. Works really well here..
    Ian @ Aug-25-2006
  • beautiful. great details. a fantastic macro.
    Kurt @ Aug-26-2006
  • Happy Birthday ...
    Dew ! @ May-26-2011

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