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Shades of green 2006-08-16

Hills of Kabale, Uganda.

In other news, unfortunately it looks like I won't be going to Rwanda in Septmeber as originally planned. Although my project proposal for a three-month in-country research was approved, the organization is facing strict financial restrictions, so they backlisted my application! grrr..

Anyway, so now I'm contemplating either a trip to Iran, or Lebanon for four weeks. Lebanon would be strategically more difficult, since I would have to go through Damascus, so for that reason Iran is a better option. But both have their risks and benefits. What I wanted to ask, is can anyone recommend informative websites from/about actual photojournalists living in the region? Also, can you recommend any photorapher agencies? If the quality of the images is any good, I'll have to get an agent to commission them. Your thoughts and info is highly appreciated.

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  • Wow, such a great picture. I love the colours.
    Boback @ Aug-16-2006
  • Great colour and light control. For such vast terrain capture the details are clearly preserved.
    Digital Photo Ted @ Aug-17-2006
  • As an Iranian, I'd recommend Iran. As far as websites go for info on photojournalism, I think you're quite safe in Iran, as long as you realise you cannot take photos at airports, military bases or from government houses in the cities. Other than that, go crazy.

    We have some of the most stunning scenery, and I'd recommend going further south than Tehran. Try Isfahan, Mashad, Shiraz as your major cities. And then I also recommend driving around the country to see all the beautiful scenery between cities.

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures. And good luck.
    Boback @ Aug-17-2006
  • incredible scenery!

    your light control is stunning!

    sleepless dream @ Aug-17-2006
  • Thanks everyone.

    Bobak thank you for your comments. I would definitely like to go back.

    I'll make a final decision next week. :)

    Salar @ Aug-18-2006
  • http://www.amiralionly.com/

    h @ Aug-20-2006
  • What a breath taking view!
    Evi @ Oct-10-2007

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