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Overflow 2006-08-15

When I lived in Vancouver, I found myself gravitating towards the ocean for inspiration; In London, the Thames River is my Muse. Every corner of this river has a unique story to tell. As it meanders through the city, it provides basic sustenance to anyone who takes the time to enjoy its offerings.

Today, I found this corner pub in Richmond. It was so packed inside the building and their courtyard that they had put chairs out on the walkway for people to enjoy a beer. Ironically, the overflow of the pub was also mirrored by the River. Apparently a water pipe had burst, releasing thousands of gallons of water into the Thames, raising the water levels. The railing you see in the foreground is actually the former walkway.

Anyway, I decided to use HDR for this image to get some detail. I increased the saturation and the contrast to give it a punch. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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  • cool shot. wouldnt want to be standing in that water though. Cheers!
    ben @ Aug-16-2006
  • I love the reflection from the surface of the water. Well done on the saturation and contrast. By doing so, you actually gave it a more a intense/romantic/real/sophisticated yet elegant feeling to this picture.

    If there is one thing that I can comment about this picture [hope that you done mind] is the railing on the foreground. My attention was distracted to this railing when I looked at your picture.

    Without the railing, I would think that you took this picture by standing on a boat or shot from a far distance.

    Again, it is an awesome picture.
    athen @ Aug-16-2006
  • Thank you, Ben.

    Athen you are absolutely right. The railing is a bit distracting so it spoils the composition. I contemplated removing it in PS, but ended up leaving since it contextualizes the raised water level.

    And I certainly don't mind criticism! Please feel free to tear the images apart, as I would only learn that way!

    Salar @ Aug-16-2006
  • The picture is great.. and I live in Vancouver and I know what you mean about the ocean.. I could just sit for hours! nice work!
    Jenn C @ Aug-17-2006
  • Just beautiful, great shot!!
    Ashish Sidapara @ Aug-17-2006

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