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Identity 2006-08-15

This image was captured from the second floor of my hotel in Mbarara, Uganda. Although perhaps not much of an interesting composition, I feel this image provides not only a juxtaposition of competing colors, but competing cultures and identities. While on the poverty-stricken streets below, Ugandans search for an African idendity, large multinational corporations such as Coca Cola impose their own structures of identity. In this image, you see the corporate brand elevated--seemingly peering down on the streets below like a vulture waiting on its prey. Many African intellectuals view the corporate onslaught in the same light.

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all the new comers, and a thank you to everyone that is voting and bookmarking this blog. These past few days have been historic for DP Blog, as the rankings and statistics are going through the roof. I might have to switch to a more reliable server to accomodate all the new traffic!

Anyway, thanks for your vote of confidence.

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  • Great clouds, ive been looking for ways to make mine look like that, any suggestions?
    Andrew @ Aug-15-2006
  • Nice one..... love that under exposed transparency vibe of saturated color those two dark figures are kinda close together but it still really works cheers
    jezblog @ Aug-15-2006
  • I do like the dark colors of this shot. The colors of blue and red contrast very well, and the composition is simply superb!
    Nancy @ Aug-15-2006
  • Thank you Nancy, Jezblog.

    Andrew, I would recommend investing in a circular polarizer filter (CP). On sunny days, the CP filter makes a world of difference. Depending on the angle of your subject in relation to the sun, you can maximize the punch of the blues in the sky, and really bring out those clouds. Then, in photoshop, you can play with the blue channels to further darken the sky, and achieve a dramatic look in the composition.

    Hope that helps.

    Salar @ Aug-15-2006
  • Great !!

    Yes a CPL must be good for your use.

    Personne @ Aug-16-2006
  • I love the whole composition but the contrast of the blue against the red is stunning. Phil
    [t e r r o r k i t t e n] @ Aug-18-2006
  • Nice street scene.. The composition is great..
    Ian @ Aug-25-2006
  • The description really adds to the image. Plus the blue and red really complement one another.

    Good one.
    Daniel @ Sep-02-2006
  • i DO love this composition and the moody atmosphere hanging here. Very nice shot!

    flawijn @ Sep-13-2006

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