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Quiet night 2006-08-10

Thank you for all your comments on the last few images.

Not much to say about today's picture, other than the fact that it's a simple bird's eye view of a lady canoeing the silent thames river.

Comments (25)

  • Simple can be all that's needed, it's quite exquisite.
    miles @ Aug-10-2006
  • Agree with Miles here. Simple is good. Very cool pattern in the water remains from the right paddle that has already moved forward.
    ROB @ Aug-10-2006
  • A very nice simple B&W image.
    Jonathan @ Aug-10-2006
  • I really like this kind of pictures...so simple but with a lot of emotion. The B&W method is perfect.
    Walter @ Aug-10-2006
  • Fantastic, I can feel the motion in her arms.
    noushin @ Aug-10-2006
  • simple and very effective, can feel her effort and the calm around. like it very much
    moncef @ Aug-11-2006
  • i really like this frame... its astonishing!

    beautiful work,

    sleepless dream @ Aug-12-2006
  • beautiful composition! like the color & tones
    mikhail @ Aug-12-2006
  • great shot! love the toning in the pic a lot!
    Ash @ Aug-12-2006
  • Amazingly simple yet beautiful...
    Noor Hazmee @ Aug-14-2006
  • Simple and stunning. The composition is perfect.

    chiara @ Aug-14-2006
  • Awesome shot.. Perfect composition here..
    Ian @ Aug-15-2006
  • brilliant composition
    Jeremy @ Aug-15-2006
  • Awesome captured, and nicely done in BW
    athen @ Aug-16-2006
  • it is so romantic to be alone in the middle of nowhere
    maurice @ Aug-18-2006
  • I like the composition very much.
    AirBete @ Aug-19-2006
  • Wow, another wonderful shot. Again, the simplicity works beautifully and the B&W really works well with this shot.

    I've added your site to my RSS feeds. Looking forward to more photos : )
    Constantin @ Sep-08-2006
  • Your work is VERY inspiring. I'm enjoying going through your images. I especially love the warm tones in your b/w images.
    Diane - Daily Walks @ Sep-21-2006
  • Silence. That is the feeling I get when looking at this image. That and the rythmic splish splash of the paddles. Very classy and almost classic portrayal. Well done.
    Dan Creighton @ Oct-26-2006
  • So symmetrical, so warming, so quiet...

    emotionally evocative..
    Pam @ Nov-05-2006
  • Nice shot my friend. Very emotional.
    Lee Thomas @ Nov-09-2006
  • I can't explain why I like this shot so much... but I do. Great work.
    Andrew @ Jan-04-2007
  • simply...great!
    Milan D. @ Feb-07-2007
  • SUPERB!!!!!!!
    Jesus @ Apr-28-2007
  • The great idea helps to take a perfect shot...very strong shot.

    Dr.Ozdi @ Aug-09-2007

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