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Asymetry 2006-08-09

This was taken last year near Jasper, BC, Canada. It is my favorite picture ever taken, partially because it required almost no post-processing (USM, and slight crop only).

It was the weekend after our last set of exams for the bachelor's degree, and a good friend and I decided to go on a photographic camping expedition. The weekend consisted of scouting the rocky mountains of BC and Alberta in search of photogenic spots, and mapping them for later use. Then, during the golden hour (sunrise and sunset), we would try to make it to as many of those spots as possible before the ideal light was lost. This meant stopping at each location for 3-5 minutes, composing a few shots, and frantically driving 140+ km/h to get to the next location. If there was such a thing as photography olympics, we'd be crowned. Here's a shot that my friend took of me as I was snapping the above picture: Capturing the Capturer

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  • wow, great landscape shot, the weather conditions were very friendly to you :)
    maytree @ Aug-09-2006
  • Looks great, the log breaking up the symettry is a nice touch.
    EssPea | Photography @ Aug-09-2006
  • Perfect reflection with some lovely colours throughout. Very nice shot.
    Jonathan @ Aug-09-2006
  • i can see why you like it. so pristine and serene. Not a single ripple in the water!
    Tuan @ Aug-10-2006
  • I don't want to say much about this picture, because it don't need lots of words to describe it:

    derLITOGRAPH @ Aug-10-2006
  • the colours, sharpness and stilness are immaculate... i love this!

    sleepless dream @ Aug-10-2006
  • One of the least edited pictures in your portfolio, I love it.
    Pjak @ Aug-10-2006
  • It is quite incredible how different the scene looks in the shot of you taking this. The mountains looks so much bigger. And I know what you mean, I would be a representative for my country in the photography olympics at times. In any case, I have to agree, a stunning scene.
    ROB @ Aug-10-2006
  • Have you tried this in black and white?

    That might look good as well!
    Marry\ @ Aug-10-2006
  • Nice!

    Very very nice.
    Danny @ Aug-10-2006
  • this makes me even more excited about going to canada! can wait to take some photos! this shot is amazingly beautiful! congrats
    mikhail @ Aug-12-2006
  • Incredible
    Chad @ Aug-14-2006
  • Absolutely beautiful.. That's all there is to say!
    Ian @ Aug-15-2006
  • Just stunning!
    Ashish Sidapara @ Aug-15-2006
  • WOW!!!!!! Nice reflections!!!!
    athen @ Aug-16-2006
  • This is a bombshell. Soooo peacefull, I can stare at it alllll day.
    Philipe @ Aug-16-2006
  • amazing, brillant, perfect color, great relection, peaceful, mother nature at its best and you were lucky enogh to experiance it.
    joe @ Aug-20-2006
  • Absolute serenity !
    Evi @ Mar-28-2007

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