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Promenade 2006-08-07

Snapped this about an hour ago. I was torn on whether to keep it in color or revert to black and white. I think the latter works better cause it emphasizes the leading lines. Your thoughts?

EDIT: A big thank you to Esspea for choosing this as his Picture of the day.

EDIT 2: Another token of gratitude to Miles for choosing this image as his Picture of the Day.

Comments (16)

  • This is a fantastic shot. I love the shadows. Well done.
    Roger @ Aug-07-2006
  • wow, what a shot. B&W definitely works here. The shadows make the image.
    Jay @ Aug-07-2006
  • looks like she needs a new job! ;)

    really good mood here...
    martin @ Aug-08-2006
  • WOW! amazing!! great shadows
    Ameen @ Aug-08-2006
  • Very powerful. This is beautiful.
    Marcus @ Aug-08-2006
  • I agree, a great mood here. I even like the truck peeking into the bg.
    miles @ Aug-08-2006
  • Nice contrasty image!
    Mbarak @ Aug-08-2006
  • Thank you for all your comments fellas.
    And thank you to Esspea for choosing this as his Picture of the day.

    Salar @ Aug-08-2006
  • you couldn't have done a better choice... this is a timeless, stunning frame!

    sleepless dream @ Aug-08-2006
  • i love this kind of images that just work with no need of any additional explanation, not even a title... well done.
    moncef @ Aug-09-2006
  • Goodness me. This is excellent composition and toning! cheers!
    Noor Hazmee @ Aug-09-2006
  • This is a stunning shot, I love the processing and the framing, wonderful image...
    shooter @ Aug-11-2006
  • Very nice shot mang
    rowell @ Aug-12-2006
  • Perfect timing. Her head is dead center. Maybe it would be better if she and the dogs were in the light?
    Shawn @ Aug-16-2006
  • Spectacular.
    Spence @ Aug-19-2006
  • The perfact compo and bw conversion
    Jesus @ Apr-28-2007

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