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African Hut 2006-08-03

Here's a toast to Africa, home to the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. This image was captured in Kabale, Uganda, around the same time as this image.

Today I submitted my application for a research project in Rwanda, which, if I'm accepted, will put me back in this beautiful region for three months starting September! Wish me luck!

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  • amazing landscape picture! i always wish i have landscape images!! as i dont have many :D
    Ameen @ Aug-03-2006
  • Salar!

    what a treat to see your images... i am blown! they are excquisite and this is no exception!!
    sleepless dream @ Aug-03-2006
  • ohh and most of all

    GOOD LUCK with your application!

    Africa awaits you :)
    sleepless dream @ Aug-03-2006
  • absolutely beautiful. Lovely colors.
    Pjak @ Aug-03-2006
  • Thanks fellas.
    Salar @ Aug-04-2006
  • What a wonserful landscape, Salar!
    Evi @ Mar-24-2007

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