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Dinner at the Smith's 2006-07-27

"..Honey, could you pass the sugar?"

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  • wow, this is great. love the simplicity of this. Great timing to get such a perfectly composed image!

    Canadia-eh @ Jul-27-2006
  • Great title for a lovely shot, nice work.
    Jonathan @ Jul-27-2006
  • Very creative, and very funny. lol
    Pjak @ Jul-27-2006
  • Lovely picture. Especially the three ants...
    derLITOGRAPH @ Aug-09-2006
  • Creative, funny, sensitive, artistic !

    Evi @ Mar-20-2007
  • it is a VERY SIMILAR to Mr Todd Laffler's photo in Photonet under his image called "Not Feeling the Love"!!!

    kombizz @ Aug-22-2008

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