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Delusion 2006-07-26

OK, so I've already done a shot like this before (Predictable Lines), with great amount of shame and remorse, I must add, since it is far--faaar too processed to be considered photography; but dammit, it looks so--sooo good! ..and no, I'm not on any type of hallucinogenic medication. ;)

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  • fantastic digiart. I'm very interested in your processing methods. I see an inversion happening, but there seems to be more going on.
    Jeremy @ Jul-26-2006
  • Is it that you don't consider it photography, or are you getting the criticism in before anyone else can?

    It is still an image of what was there, albeit it a processed one. I don't see the difference, philosophically, between post-processing an image, and using filters or long exposures at the time.

    I like it a lot, the underside of the bridge in foreground is great and it highlights different details of the bridge than might normally present themselves.
    Andy @ Jul-26-2006
  • Thanks Jeremy, you are correct, it is inverted with another hour's worth of editing :)

    Andy: I am a member of several photo clubs that consider photoshop itself a sin in photography, so the workflow of some of my images, especially this one, would be considered the anti-christ. So yes, in a sense I was pre-empting some debate with my comments. But I sincerely like the look of this, and thanks to your reassurances, I will try to do more of these--albeit with less guilt.


    Salar @ Jul-26-2006
  • at first it does look a little bit like a drawing

    but after further observation its obvious that this is a photograph and not a drawing

    this works very well and i don't think its very much different from a crazy B&W conversion.

    so this shoudln't be criticized as "too much photoshped"

    the overall look is really good..i bet this makes a great big print!
    laurencepak @ Jul-26-2006
  • Yeah would definately make a very nice print, right up my street this. Great processing.
    Jonathan @ Jul-27-2006
  • The PS work isn't overdone, I think. You've created something very unique and pleasing to the eye.
    Djego @ Jul-28-2006
  • Superb lighting and texture.
    Local @ Jun-19-2007

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