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Together forever 2006-07-24

Captured in the hills of Henley, UK.

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  • I love the way you frame the subject and the skies really brings out the mood. Excellent shot and post processing.
    Noor Hazmee @ Jul-25-2006
  • I love it too absolutely beautiful
    John @ Jul-25-2006
  • love the diversity of images on ur blog. really great work!
    laurence pak @ Jul-25-2006
  • The title really adds something warm to this image. It's amazing how you can take a simple subject of two trees side by side, and turn it into such an emotive piece of art!

    I love your work!!
    Jody @ Jul-25-2006
  • Very, very nice. A harmonic photo with those soft green and blue hues.
    Peter @ Oct-06-2006

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