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Mosaic 2006-07-23

Yesterday's image of London's demonstration was very unfair. I have had some discussions about the image with some people, and in retrospect, it really does not do the subjects justice: The Hasidim were NOT avoiding or running away from the protestors (although it may seem so in yesterday's image). In fact they were there to oppose Olmert's current foreign policies. In actuality they were very sympathetic of Palestinians and Lebanese, and defined the confrontation as territorial, and not religious.

Anyway, I'd like to counter yesterday's failure in acurately documenting the demonstration, with today's mosaic. Today's image, clockwise from top left: represents sympathy, diversity, amicability, and passion. I hope it does a better job at conveying what I experienced at the demonstration.

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  • great documentry or journolistic images realy captures the moment of the time.
    John @ Jul-24-2006
  • Well captured. People simply want to live in peace.
    Christopher @ Aug-13-2006

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