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Arc de Triomphe 2006-07-21

Here's a fun fact about le Arc de Triomphe: in 1920, the French decided to honor the lives lost in WWI by lighting the first eternal flame in Western Europe. Every year, on November 11, a ceremony is held at the Arc de Triomphe, in memory of the lives sacrificed during the world war. Then, comically enough, in 1998, a drunken Mexican football hooligan extinguished the flame by....umm..urinating on it...

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  • Amazing tone. love the black and white
    Ameen @ Jul-22-2006
  • oh i read in newspaper that was at the world soccer cup 1988 in france, but there was australian fans (hools?)!

    btw your pictures are really great
    rollinger @ Jul-22-2006

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