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Scotland yard 2006-07-18

Not completely sure if this is Scotland Yard (maybe the locals can chime in), it was just a wild guess. There is something eerie about the street this building is on. All the windows and doors are cordoned off, and no one walks through the street. I was walking up and down, trying to find an interesting perspective, when this lady serendipitously came in and sat on those stairs. Two quick snaps, and here you have it.

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  • nice shot!I love the tone!thats great!

    ToughSpoon @ Jul-18-2006
  • Excellent image. I love the symmetry.
    Djego @ Jul-18-2006
  • You have some very nice pictures on your site. And i like how you process some pictures. NEGATIV effect, etc.
    derLITOGRAPH @ Aug-09-2006
  • wow, just makes me want to visit
    Andrew @ Aug-12-2006
  • I don't care if it is Scotland Yard or not, but only i need to know how do you manage to be always on time, friend ! ;-)

    Great shot, love the colours of the first raw windows !
    Evi @ Mar-28-2007

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